If you’re new to tricep dips, start off with your knees bent – which will keep the feet closer – to take some of the weight away from the upper body. Once you’re ready, move the feet away to make the exercise more challenging. 

  • Stand in front, with your back facing either a bench, step or chair
  • Place both hands on the edge of the bench/step/chair just wider than shoulder width a part with fingers facing forwards
  • Move your feet forward until weight is transferred to the arms
  • Slowly lower the body via bending the elbows – ensure the elbows are pointing behind you and not outwards. 
  • Try and lower until the elbows are  with the shoulders. 
  • Push back up without locking out the elbows. 
  • You can progress this movement by moving your feet further out in front of you.
  • Repeat.